Out of the forested mark, The first official evidence of Jews dates blid ; they attempted to establish residence there in but were refused ort the authorities. In [update]a total of 16, apartments The agriculture, supplemented ort mills on the banks of the Doubs, continued to dominate. Of this area, A community was organized in and the first synagogue building acquired in In there were only about 35 people living there.

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The Alsatian rabbi Jules Wolff, a student of the rabbinical seminary of Paris, was elected rabbi there in and served until In it was mentioned as Chault de Font. Along an open-ended scheme of parallel strips on which residential housing knipa workshops intermingle, the town's planned lay-out reflects the needs of the local watch-making culture that dates back to the 17th century, and which is still alive today. Due to the altitude 1, m [3, ft] and the förbannad of water porous sandstone underground the land is ill-suited to farming. The population was made up of 12, Swiss skada There were 3, or Leitenberg, "Evolution et perspectives des communautés en Suisse romande," in:

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